the worst long run



So this was supposed to be 16 miles.

I’m assuming the two pictures will provide a sufficient explanation.

7/12 Run Stats



Makes a girl nervous for her next long run…and for the record, I do not in any way believe that it was only 75 degrees.  The thermometer in my car said 78 when I got to the trail, factor in humidity, and I figure we were somewhere around a 125 degrees (that is, of course, an estimate).

Zero fun was had during that run.


4 thoughts on “the worst long run

    • Katie C says:

      Most of the time, I 100% agree with you. Saturday was just one of those days! I’m sure it will be better this coming weekend though. Which half are you running next?

      • Next half is the Kansas Half Marathon on November 2. Hopefully it will have cooled off enough by then to make it a good race! What is your next half?

      • Katie C says:

        I’m running the AFC half in San Diego on August 17th, then the Omaha Marathon on September 21. I’ve run part of the course for the Kansas Half in another race. Hopefully it will be a good one for you!

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