Week 7: Pre-Long Run Recap

I have had some great runs this week, not necessarily the fastest, but they felt good.  I feel strong.  I spent more time this week doing hill work than I have recently.  My half in San Diego (in 4 weeks) has a massive hill at the end – I need to be prepared.  I’m not particularly aiming for a PR at that race.  I’m just going to run and have a good time with one of my very best friends.

Anyway,  the recap…

Sunday – Recovery day:  100 pushups (I’m still working on the http://hundredpushups.com/ plan.  It has been very effective for me.  I hate pushups but I am gaining ground quickly); yoga; hamstring flexibility

Monday – 30 minute recovery run done on the treadmill to keep my pace in check (3.19 mi/9:23 pace); 3 rounds of 4 way plank; hamstring flexibility

Tuesday – Hills: 2 big ones ~ 1/2 mile each @ ~8:30/40 pace, a variety of small ones, total elevation gain 393 ft.,  4.0 mile, 34:37, 8:39 ave pace; 110 pushups; hamstring flexibility

Wednesday – Easy Run 5.30 mi., 45:00, 8:27 ave pace, 344 elevation gain; Strength training: box jumps, step ups, squats, hamstring curls, 4 way plank (3 rounds)

Thursday – Intervals 4.87 mi, 40:05, 8:14 ave pace, 310 elevation gain;  I tried to find some hills for these intervals but wasn’t looking to run up the huge hill over and over again, so I did the best I could otherwise; 121 pushups

Week 7 Recap

I am definitely ready to tackle my long run this weekend.  We have had cooler weather here, so Saturday should be a great morning for a run!


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