18 miles & a quesadilla

Don’t do 135 pushups directly after eating a quesadilla.  Trust me on this.

To those with iron stomachs:  We salute you.

My strength training has been sorely lacking.  I have to pick it back up now or I will be paying dearly later.

BUT… two important things happened this weekend.

  1. I fought my vacuum cleaner and won (this is likely important to me only, but my husband would be proud)
  2. I ran my first 18 miler.  It felt like both less and more that the prescribed distance, but it was pretty great.

18 miler

I got up at my normal long run time of 0445 and checked the temperature: 85 degrees!  Excuse me, but it is 4:45 AM.  How is it 85 already/still?  I was sure at that point that the run would not be a good one, but I knew it might be warm.  I had already planned to run a portion on my treadmill if necessary.  I was thinking an hour tops outside, then in to the comfort of my air conditioning, 3 fans and Thor: The Dark World.

Anyway, I filled my trustee running vest and prepped some water for the treadmill.  I headed out and began sweating copiously within just a few minutes.  The first 4 miles were fairly miserable, but I took it a mile or two at a time and ended up with decent cloud cover and a good breeze.  I was able to stay outside for 13.31 miles then transitioned fairly easily to the treadmill when the sun came out and did its best to cook me.  My pace was similar to my run last week which was great since it was a distance increase of just over 1 1/2 miles.

Long Run - 18 miler

I spent all 13.31 miles running in my hilly neighborhood, and can happily say that all my hill work is paying off.  I know the hill at the end of the AFC half is still going to be a beast, but at least I will be prepared!

I am thrilled with the current Friday night overnight forecast: 66 degrees!


2 thoughts on “18 miles & a quesadilla

  1. Katie C says:

    Thank you! It is exciting to be succeeding at these long runs. I was a multi eventer in college so long to me used to be 800m.

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