99 degree run = payment for not getting my lazy carcass out of bed in the morning

So I ran 41.15 miles last week, nbd.  Except it was a big deal!  A 20 mile long run big deal!

20 miler


It was my first ever 20 mile run, and it went amazingly well.  I am still excited when I think about it.

Except – apparently it takes longer to recover from a 20 mile run than it does from, say, a 10 mile run.

On this run, I discovered a couple of things.  First, a trail I had never run that I shall now call “Stairway to Heaven”.  Please don’t for a second believe that running up this ridiculous hill was heavenly, but I am working on staying positive here.  Second, it is possible to sweat so much that the sweat runs in rivers down your legs when any sort of pressure is put on your absolutely soaking wet shorts.  I thought I had experienced all that sweat had to offer, generally during basketball games, but this took it to a new level.  Third, I can now eat a whole banana before a long run without fear of stomach revolt.  It’s quite exciting.

This week has been much more low key.  My total mileage will probably end up between 20 and 25.  I am running a half next weekend (on the 17th).  I haven’t yet decided how I am going to take that race.  I’d love a P.R., but I haven’t spent a ton of time training of that kind of speed.

My legs were dead for a few days after the 20.  Today they felt somewhat better, so of course, I decided to run hills.  It was pouring rain.  I loved every step of it.  Running in the rain is the best (until the blisters start).  Yesterday I ran a fairly easy 4 mile loop.  It was 99 degrees.  I really need to get up and run before work, but I really, really love to sleep.

Two more runs (maybe three) this week: 4-5 miles & a 90 minute long run with 30 minutes at half marathon pace.  Maybe my long run this weekend will tell me what I need to know about pacing for the race next weekend.

Happy running everyone!


One thought on “99 degree run = payment for not getting my lazy carcass out of bed in the morning

  1. Same problem here! The longer you wait to get out of bed, the warmer it gets. I’ve been thinking about my half prep and how it will be nice in a couple months and cool enough to go run whenever I want!

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