22 Miles of feeling good (a week late)


I had a great 22 mile run last weekend!  After a discouraging attempt at the distance the week before, I was determined to get it done.

I managed to ride myself of any lingering illness prior to this attempt (a fever is what halted the last go-round at this mileage).  The weather was pretty great compared to many recent Saturday mornings, so I actually got to start running in the 60’s versus the 70’s or 80’s.  That was truly a blessing.

I can happily report that the entire run felt like an easy effort.  I didn’t allow myself to increase my pace until nearly the final 3 miles, so overall, it was fairly slow.  The late miles were easy and I was able to incorporate a lot of good climbs into this run.

Additionally, I didn’t have much soreness from this run.  After my 20 mile run my legs ached for days.  This time, I stayed much more active and didn’t take a rest day following the long run.  Success!

I (finally) feel ready for my marathon in 2 weekends.  Tomorrow I’ll have a 2 hour run and the following weekend a 70 minute run for my final two “long” runs.

Fingers crossed that we get some of this great weather on race day.  I have a feeling that tomorrow morning might feel a little chilly at 53 degrees.  I can’t wait!






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