My last long run before my first marathon is in the book

12 miler

It feels great to know that all the work for my race next weekend is done!

Last Long Run!

I have had mostly good runs the past couple weeks, the best probably being a threshold run on Wednesday that was an hour and fifteen minutes long (I ran 8.79 miles – 25 easy minutes, 25 working minutes, 25 easy minutes).  I felt great when I was done.  I have been toying with trying to beat my half marathon PR this fall after the marathon, and this run pretty much convinced me that I should try.  I don’t know that I will get quite the time that I would want to get, but I think I can break my PR.  I am working on my new strength training routine that I will start immediately  shortly after the race next weekend.  I am planning on running four times a week:

  1. An easy run
  2. A tempo run
  3. A speed/hill workout
  4. A long run

I will also get more seriously back into the weight room.  On Wednesday, I will have my body fat and metabolism tested again, so I will find out how much muscle was cannibalized during my marathon training.  I hope not too much!  I love that at my last test, I was told that I could eat 2900 calories a day if I wanted to be in maintenance mode.  I will be a little bummed if that number drops too far.

The weather for my race day isn’t looking good so far.  It looks like we could get very, very wet while we’re running.  Oh well.  I guess I’ll take a pair of extra socks in my hydration pack.  Fingers crossed that the storm will hold off until we’re done.  The temperature looks to be about perfect, though (low to mid 50s at the start).

I can’t wait until next Sunday afternoon when I can officially say that I have run a marathon.  It will be crossed off my list (and I’ll never have to do it again).

It's a beautiful morning

I had the most beautiful sunrise during my twelve mile run last weekend.  Morning runs are such a gift sometimes!

Shadow Legs


Training Log (September)

Oh – and a picture of me looking like a normal person to prove that I own clothes other than workout clothes.  Disregard the 2? 3? visible pairs of running shoes in the photo.



2 thoughts on “My last long run before my first marathon is in the book

  1. Hurray! So exciting! I love that last picture with all the shoes 🙂 such is the life of a runner. I think I kicked about 6 pairs of running shoes out of the living room while cleaning for a party this afternoon. I hope your marathon is drier than the weather says! Good luck!

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