The Taper and a New Training Plan

The Taper Conundrum


I am pretty sure I experienced nearly every symptom on this list, stopping just short of the nightmares.

Be careful, my friends.  This could happen to you! 🙂

Run happy!

Additionally, I am redirecting my plan for how to train next.  Any input or suggestions would be welcome.  I had planned to shoot for a PR in a half in early November but will likely forgo it since all my friends that were planning to run have decided not to do so.

I am vacillating between writing my own workouts (focus on strength, muscle building, speed and fat loss) or using programs from sites like these: – the 12 week run builder the program I am considering.  If I choose this, they have a contest that is open to start through Monday of next week, so I’ll have to decide quickly.

Any other good ideas?

Should I go for the PR on my own?

I discovered that it’s a little hard to finish a race knowing that no one is going to be there for you at the end.  My husband is a rockstar and stayed up to track me on the run tracker, but he’s 8,000 miles away… success is less fun when it isn’t shared (and disappointment is harder without someone to give you a hug!)


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