My 180

Well, I am not running a half this weekend. I am just not feeling it (the course – I have run the event before, the travel, the hotel) BUT, I think I will try to race a 5-k in about three weeks. It should be fun. My speed is present for shortish bursts so a 3.1 mile race might be just the thing. Plus it’s only a couple miles from my house (not 120).

I had my body composition tested first thing Monday morning. In the past six weeks I lost four pounds of body fat and gained back about four pounds of lean body mass. Perfect! My body cannibalized way too much muscle during marathon training. Good nutrition and consistency are key! I am hoping to do a full post on that soon.

Enjoy the beautiful fall weather while you can! Winter is coming…..



5 thoughts on “My 180

  1. FLRunnerBoy says:

    Trust me I’m sooooo enjoying this Florida cool down chica!!! And your 180 will result in a crazy fast 5K, I just know it!!! Your amazing and have been putting in some nice intervals that are 5K worthy. There will be other half’s in the near future for you to crush. Sometimes the best races are those close to home. They are like diamonds in the rough. I can’t wait to hear how amazing you are going to do and how amazing you did!!! 🙂

    • I have no idea at all how fast I will be able to run. Any pacing recommendations? On my last five mile run my last three miles were all sub 8. I think I am going to shorten up my tempo run this week and see if I can get three fast, quality miles in it. That may help me know how to run the race.

      • Well I was 14….so it has been a while 🙂 Let’s assume we are starting from scratch. I will see how a faster run feels tomorrow. I am sure it will hurts since I am lifting legs tonight but it will feel so short!!

      • FLRunnerBoy says:

        Ok chica! Let know how tomorrow goes. We’ll be in touch, I’m sure we can find a reasonable time goal for ya’ 🙂

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