4 Mile Progressive

Okay – so here is how it went:

Mile 1 (warmupish) – 8:36

Mile 2 – 7:33

Mile 3 – 7:29

Mile 4 – 6:55 (some downhill in this)

It didn’t feel especially difficult.  I was glad when I was done, but I’d say the biggest difference I felt running at a faster pace was that I was working for most of the run.  When I run in the 8’s or 9’s I’m run pretty passively.  The course is pretty flat (for here anyway) and this had some rolling hills in mile 2 and 3, so it’s probably similar.  I think my 800m repeat workout would definitely be an appropriate one in this situation.  What else should I be doing?

Questions, comments, concerns?  Ready go…. Lee, I’m talking to you! 🙂

Thanks in advance for the help.


5 thoughts on “4 Mile Progressive

  1. FLRunnerBoy says:

    Okay Katie those are some pretty good times for a progressive run run so I’m thinking you could definitely hit a goal time between 21:40ish and 22:00 possibly even faster your 800’s are good. And you said the race is this weekend is it??? If it’s not by any chance then I would throw in a 2-3×1600 workout and try to keep a pace of 7:00-7:10 for each interval and see how you feel. But any, that was and amazing progressive run. I’m prouf of you! 🙂

    • I have a little over two weeks. I’ll add the mile repeats. How long do you take between them? Active recovery or stopped? I forgot to mention that I lifted legs on Wednesday night so I didn’t have much extra umph to accelerate. Thanks for the pointers! Also the race is called “Bad to the Bone” and it supports track scholarships for local kids. How could I go wrong?

      • FLRunnerBoy says:

        Yeah add the repeats and try something like 3 x 1600 w/ 800m (1/2 mile) recoveries @ a jog/ easy pace. Try to hit goal pace of 7:00-7:05 if the first two intervals feel good try to go 6:55-6:58 for the final interval. I forgot that you did legs the day prior to your last run so you should kill this repeats workout. Then, during the week before the race do a 4×800’s workout mid-week w/ a goal pace of around 3:15-3:20. I think you’ll do amazing and honestly I my heart I think that if you pulled off a progression run workout like you did following leg day I think running a 21:30-21:45 5K is a possibility for you. My pleasure on the pointers by the way. I’m flattered for you asking. Anything thing I can do to help please fell free to ask anytime. I’m hear to share my knowledge and experience not hoard them. I wish I could be there to see you crush these workouts and then that 5K 🙂

      • I’ll be pretty excited about anything under 23:00 honestly. I would LOVE to run faster, of course, but that will be my baseline goal. The weather here could be pretty awful that day. It has been super windy lately, but hopefully we’ll catch a lull in that for the race. I am going to aim for all my workouts to be geared toward the faster pace, then if I am running in tornado strength winds I may still meet my goal 🙂

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