Race recap: random thoughts mile by mile

Mile 1: Wind. Great. At least it isn’t raining any more.

Mile 2: Well that hill wasn’t on the elevation profile. Do I really have to run another one. Better speed up.

Mile 3: I just need to catch that ponytail in front of me. (we round a sharp corner) Well that’s definitely not a woman but I am still going to pass him.

The finish (3/4 of a lap around a track to the finish line): Wow my legs feel good. I think I can catch another person. Oh no way! An old man in warm up pants isn’t beating me today (runs past him and he tries to catch me in the last 100m, so I kicked it up a gear).



3 thoughts on “Race recap: random thoughts mile by mile

    • Thanks so much! It was a fun first 5-k. I won a pie which is always good. Since my hubby is gone, I guess I’ll have to eat it all myself. On second thought…I think I can probably only get away with that after a marathon.

      • FLRunnerBoy says:

        No problem!!! πŸ™‚ anytime Katie!!! Free pie?!?!?! Sweeet!!! No worries you can send half of it my way, half marathon training starts tomorrow for me haha lol πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

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