The Taper and a New Training Plan

The Taper Conundrum


I am pretty sure I experienced nearly every symptom on this list, stopping just short of the nightmares.

Be careful, my friends. ¬†This could happen to you! ūüôā

Run happy!

Additionally, I am redirecting my plan for how to train next.  Any input or suggestions would be welcome.  I had planned to shoot for a PR in a half in early November but will likely forgo it since all my friends that were planning to run have decided not to do so.

I am vacillating between writing my own workouts (focus on strength, muscle building, speed and fat loss) or using programs from sites like these: – the 12 week run builder¬†the program I am considering. ¬†If I choose this, they have a contest that is open to start through Monday of next week, so I’ll have to decide quickly.

Any other good ideas?

Should I go for the PR on my own?

I discovered that it’s a little hard to finish a race knowing that no one is going to be there for you at the end. ¬†My husband is a rockstar and stayed up to track me on the run tracker, but he’s 8,000 miles away… success is less fun when it isn’t shared (and disappointment is harder without someone to give you a hug!)


Lessons from my trip to Omaha (and race recap)

First the 10 mostly non running related items:

  1. Nebraska has better roads than Kansas
  2. Skunks in Nebraska have below average intelligence/speed/self-preservation instinct
  3. Raccoons hold the same distinction in Kansas
  4. Drivers in Nebraska do not like to be passed (even if they are below the limit)
  5. A baseball diamond feels much bigger when you are required to run a lap around it at the end of a marathon
  6. Adults who watch road races seem most amused by their own signs regarding bodily functions
  7. It is not helpful when someone tells you, “It’s all downhill from here” at mile 25 when you are at the base of a hill you need to run up
  8. There are a disproportionate number of red cars in Nebraska (Cornhusker fans anyone?)
  9. I still have all my toenails, though one is in an uncertain state right now
  10. My car gets much better gas mileage on state/federal highways than it does on the interstate.


So the race…

It was slow.  About 15 miles of it were quite agonizing.  But I finished. 4:49.  My goal was 4:20.

The first six miles felt okay, but I could tell my legs weren’t feeling it. ¬†From there I progressed from feeling a little off to pain. ¬†I have spent some time at the chiropractor recently having my SI joint worked on, and I am fairly sure it has slipped back into its previous incorrect position.

I became very mentally defeated when I realized I wouldn’t be able to meet my goal pace, BUT I knew that I had to get back to the start/finish line somehow, so I kept going. ¬†I spent miles 15-24 alternating run/walk at about a 6/10 of a mile, 4/10 of a mile ratio. ¬†I was able to keep my average mile pace right around 12 by doing that.

At mile 25 (on my watch) I sucked it up and decided to run the last 1 1/2 miles (my final distance on my watch was 26.57).  My hip flexors were incredibly tight at this point, so the running/jogging/shuffling motion actually felt a little better than walking.

I finished strong with a 9:41 and 8:25 pace for the last portion of the race.


I am so happy that I completed my race and that I can now say, “I have run a marathon,” but I may never do that again. ¬†Half marathons are fun. ¬†The only thing fun at this race was the chocolate milk after the finish line, and it was fat free ūüė¶ You’d think after a 3500 calorie burn we could have had some fat in it…..

The race itself was very well organized.  I would definitely recommend it!  Our weather was 100% perfect.  Mid fifties to start, mid sixties with a breeze to finish.


My last long run before my first marathon is in the book

12 miler

It feels great to know that all the work for my race next weekend is done!

Last Long Run!

I have had mostly good runs the past couple weeks, the best probably being a threshold run on Wednesday that was an hour and fifteen minutes long (I ran 8.79 miles – 25 easy minutes, 25 working minutes, 25 easy minutes). ¬†I felt great when I was done. ¬†I have been toying with trying to beat my half marathon PR this fall after the marathon, and this run pretty much convinced me that I should try. ¬†I don’t know that I will get quite the time that I would want to get, but I think I can break my PR. ¬†I am working on my new strength training routine that I will start¬†immediately¬† shortly after the race next weekend. ¬†I am planning on running four times a week:

  1. An easy run
  2. A tempo run
  3. A speed/hill workout
  4. A long run

I will also get more seriously back into the weight room.  On Wednesday, I will have my body fat and metabolism tested again, so I will find out how much muscle was cannibalized during my marathon training.  I hope not too much!  I love that at my last test, I was told that I could eat 2900 calories a day if I wanted to be in maintenance mode.  I will be a little bummed if that number drops too far.

The weather for my race day isn’t looking good so far. ¬†It looks like we could get very, very wet while we’re running. ¬†Oh well. ¬†I guess I’ll take a pair of extra socks in my hydration pack. ¬†Fingers crossed that the storm will hold off until we’re done. ¬†The temperature looks to be about perfect, though (low to mid 50s at the start).

I can’t wait until next Sunday afternoon when I can officially say that I have run a marathon. ¬†It will be crossed off my list (and I’ll never have to do it again).

It's a beautiful morning

I had the most beautiful sunrise during my twelve mile run last weekend.  Morning runs are such a gift sometimes!

Shadow Legs


Training Log (September)

Oh Рand a picture of me looking like a normal person to prove that I own clothes other than workout clothes.  Disregard the 2? 3? visible pairs of running shoes in the photo.


22 Miles of feeling good (a week late)


I had a great 22 mile run last weekend!  After a discouraging attempt at the distance the week before, I was determined to get it done.

I managed to ride myself of any lingering illness prior to this attempt (a fever is what halted the last go-round at this mileage). ¬†The weather was pretty great compared to many recent Saturday mornings, so I actually got to start running in the 60’s versus the 70’s or 80’s. ¬†That was truly a blessing.

I can happily report that the entire run felt like an easy effort. ¬†I didn’t allow myself to increase my pace until nearly the final 3 miles, so overall, it was fairly slow. ¬†The late miles were easy and I was able to incorporate a lot of good climbs into this run.

Additionally, I didn’t have much soreness from this run. ¬†After my 20 mile run my legs ached for days. ¬†This time, I stayed much more active and didn’t take a rest day following the long run. ¬†Success!

I (finally) feel ready for my marathon in 2 weekends. ¬†Tomorrow I’ll have a 2 hour run and the following weekend a 70 minute run for my final two “long” runs.

Fingers crossed that we get some of this great weather on race day. ¬†I have a feeling that tomorrow morning might feel a little chilly at 53 degrees. ¬†I can’t wait!