Since I last posted…

The bad/so-so stuff:

  • I ran a disappointing tempo run (10/23).  I only made it through 5 miles (I was planning to do 8).
  • I visited family in Georgia and did a long run on the world’s most ridiculous treadmill (12 miles with it shutting off approximately every 2 miles – I have no idea what my final overall pace was).
  • I ran 3 miles on a different ridiculous treadmill that is probably older than I am.

The good stuff:

  • I had a great progressive run on Tuesday that went something like this: 8:44, 8:22, 8:13, 8:01, 7:52, 7:52, 7:38, 6:56 (1/2 mile at the last pace) – 7.47 miles total
  • I added 20 pounds to my squats this week (10 to my cleans and 2 reps per set to my deadlifts) and felt GOOD!  Lots of room for increases on my three big lifts!
  • Today, I ran 8 x .5 repeats (90 seconds rest) with the following paces: 7:06, 7:03, 6:59, 7:06, 7:05, 6:54, 6:50, 7:01.  The total workout was just over 6 miles.  It’s a killer, but it feels great to have it done.

Now, the million (or 60 since that’s how much my race fee will be) dollar question:  what should I do for my last long run on Saturday?  The race is on the 9th.  Tapering has never been my friend.  My ideas so far are a 10 mile pace run (a huge confidence booster if I can do it, but killer if I can’t) or a 13 mile run with several miles at pace at the end.

Any and all comments and suggestions would be appreciated!

I go next week to find out if all my diligent healthy eating is having a positive effect on my body composition.  Fingers crossed that it is working.  I am going to be VERY annoyed if it isn’t (and likely eat an entire batch of cookie dough).


Well, it’s Monday

And so far the best thing I have to say about it is that Monday only comes once a week.  I am stressed up to my eyeballs right now and yesterday I dealt with it by eating ALL of the things.  I was making a box of goodies to mail to my hubby and I “tasted” each and every item that went in it.  Restraint was shown in certain areas so that there would still be food to mail, but wow I fell of the healthy eating bandwagon in a big way (I also ate a semi-unregulated treat meal for dinner on Friday – terrible idea before a long run).

I am happy to say that my running didn’t suffer as a result of my crazed carb and fat consumption (chocolate chip cookies, cake balls with french buttercream filling, Reese’s pieces Chex muddy buddies).  I ran my 11 miles Saturday morning as a 3:1 finishing strong with an 8:17, 8:04, & 7:35.  I did a reasonable amount of climbing during the run and had an overall pace of 8:52.  My recovery run yesterday hurt a little more but I still managed an overall 8:04.

I’ve got 3 weeks of training left to get down to PR pace for this half.  It’s going to be close!

Be Proud.

Where did my muscles go?

Well, I’ve been back at the weight room for a week and a half, and now that the crazy and often painful soreness has subsided, I have just one question:  WHERE DID MY MUSCLES GO?  It looks like they are still there (mostly), but wow, was I wrong.  My first clue came when I chose what I thought would be a good warm up weight for squats.  That weight became my weight for all of the sets.  Oh well.  I’ll get it back.

It’s been fun to be back in the gym – there are so many interesting people to see.  For example, yesterday I saw a guy who I am pretty sure thought he was auditioning for the part of Bane.  Apparently he missed the part where “The Dark Knight Rises” came out two years ago.  Either that or the threat level has gone up significantly.  If that’s the case, someone clue me in.  I’ll wear a mask too.  How can this be a comfortable way to work out?


I have run in to two small problems (if you can really call them that) at the gym so far:

  1. There is a donut shop in the same shopping center as my gym.  It opens before I finish my morning workouts.  My ability to resist temptation will be tested.
  2. I took a spin class last week.  It was easy.  I guess training for a marathon can do that.  It’s all relative.  This week I’ll ramp up the resistance to see if there is any way to get my heart-rate up.  I want to feel the burn!

My running has been so-so.  My legs are still feeling heavy, but I’ve not given them any real break.  My speed isn’t miraculously coming back like I had hoped it might, but I’ll keep working at it.  I have struggled with some of my half-marathon pace miles and speed workouts.  I have 4 1/2 weeks.  Will it be enough?


I do feel I have been quite successful with my nutrition.  I’ve been within my allotted calorie range every day and have hit my macros each day (except my cheat meal day but that was expected).  I went 8 days before my first cheat meal (pizza and a “white wedding” cupcake – cue Billy Idol).  I am thinking that I will be a bit more conservative next time – my stomach did not appreciate all the junk food.  Consistency will be the key!

Happy trails, sidewalk, tracks or treadmills!  It’ll be hills for me tonight, followed by push ups, a TRX pull up workout and abs.


November half, here I come!

Well, I’ve decided to give the PR a shot on November 9th.  I still have quite a while to register for the race before the price goes up, so if my training is horrible, I won’t waste my money.

I have a tentative training schedule put together for both my strength training and my running.

Workout Schedule Gobbler Grind

Running Schedule Gobbler Grind

I am working to fine tune my weight lifting workouts as my first real day back in the weight room will be Sunday!

I ran my 45 minute tempo run today.  I felt like it was fairly successful – I only did 20 minutes of up-tempo work, but given that my marathon was just 4 days ago, I think that is okay.

I am still determined to meet my other goals: 100 pushups in a row and unassisted pull-ups. I am going to be quite busy for the next 6 1/2 weeks, and it is going to be great!

I am also planning to begin tracking my macros beginning Saturday.  I expect that to be quite tedious, but consistency provides results.  Based upon last weeks metabolic test, my daily goals are: 2800 calories, 280g carbs, 93g fat, & 210g protein.  At this level, I should be able to gain muscle and lose body fat.

Here’s hoping it all works out! 🙂

The Taper and a New Training Plan

The Taper Conundrum


I am pretty sure I experienced nearly every symptom on this list, stopping just short of the nightmares.

Be careful, my friends.  This could happen to you! 🙂

Run happy!

Additionally, I am redirecting my plan for how to train next.  Any input or suggestions would be welcome.  I had planned to shoot for a PR in a half in early November but will likely forgo it since all my friends that were planning to run have decided not to do so.

I am vacillating between writing my own workouts (focus on strength, muscle building, speed and fat loss) or using programs from sites like these: – the 12 week run builder the program I am considering.  If I choose this, they have a contest that is open to start through Monday of next week, so I’ll have to decide quickly.

Any other good ideas?

Should I go for the PR on my own?

I discovered that it’s a little hard to finish a race knowing that no one is going to be there for you at the end.  My husband is a rockstar and stayed up to track me on the run tracker, but he’s 8,000 miles away… success is less fun when it isn’t shared (and disappointment is harder without someone to give you a hug!)

18 miles & a quesadilla

Don’t do 135 pushups directly after eating a quesadilla.  Trust me on this.

To those with iron stomachs:  We salute you.

My strength training has been sorely lacking.  I have to pick it back up now or I will be paying dearly later.

BUT… two important things happened this weekend.

  1. I fought my vacuum cleaner and won (this is likely important to me only, but my husband would be proud)
  2. I ran my first 18 miler.  It felt like both less and more that the prescribed distance, but it was pretty great.

18 miler

I got up at my normal long run time of 0445 and checked the temperature: 85 degrees!  Excuse me, but it is 4:45 AM.  How is it 85 already/still?  I was sure at that point that the run would not be a good one, but I knew it might be warm.  I had already planned to run a portion on my treadmill if necessary.  I was thinking an hour tops outside, then in to the comfort of my air conditioning, 3 fans and Thor: The Dark World.

Anyway, I filled my trustee running vest and prepped some water for the treadmill.  I headed out and began sweating copiously within just a few minutes.  The first 4 miles were fairly miserable, but I took it a mile or two at a time and ended up with decent cloud cover and a good breeze.  I was able to stay outside for 13.31 miles then transitioned fairly easily to the treadmill when the sun came out and did its best to cook me.  My pace was similar to my run last week which was great since it was a distance increase of just over 1 1/2 miles.

Long Run - 18 miler

I spent all 13.31 miles running in my hilly neighborhood, and can happily say that all my hill work is paying off.  I know the hill at the end of the AFC half is still going to be a beast, but at least I will be prepared!

I am thrilled with the current Friday night overnight forecast: 66 degrees!