Unintended consequences of putting the Bloodhound Gang in a playlist and the ultimate concert

  1. Beverage nearly coming out my nose due to the unexpected pleasure of one of my favorite (shameful I know, but I love it) songs coming on, followed by choking, laughter, watery eyes and crazy looks from the occupants of the car next to me
  2. I want Waffle House
  3. Prince
  4. I think (not for the first time) that any spin instructor who worked this song into their rotation would be my hero forever
  5. I think I like this song because it is so random – which is pretty much how my brain works when I’m running (if I’m not busy doing math in my head)
  6. Yep, this song is going back on my running iPod

Which brings me to some sort of point:  What is your ultimate concert?  Mine would have to include Lenny Kravitz, Prince, Queen, AC/DC, Nelly, Christina Perri & Pantera.  I think Big & Rich (circa 2004) needs to open this one.  Obviously, several key players in this situation are no longer living, but it’s my dream so it can be whatever I want it to be.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends or family!

Yesterday’s workout:

1/2 mile warmup

2 x 1200 @ 6:40

2 x 800 @ 6:36

2 x 400 @ 6:31

1/4 mile jogging recovery between each effort


My 180

Well, I am not running a half this weekend. I am just not feeling it (the course – I have run the event before, the travel, the hotel) BUT, I think I will try to race a 5-k in about three weeks. It should be fun. My speed is present for shortish bursts so a 3.1 mile race might be just the thing. Plus it’s only a couple miles from my house (not 120).

I had my body composition tested first thing Monday morning. In the past six weeks I lost four pounds of body fat and gained back about four pounds of lean body mass. Perfect! My body cannibalized way too much muscle during marathon training. Good nutrition and consistency are key! I am hoping to do a full post on that soon.

Enjoy the beautiful fall weather while you can! Winter is coming…..


We’ll call today’s workout…Voldemort

Have you ever had one of those workouts you never wanted to do again, but even while you were thinking that you were planning the next time you’d try it?

Well, that was my workout today.  Also, I decided I am going to start naming awful workouts after fictional villains.  We’ll see how long I stick to that (probably just today).

I planned for a very ambitious 10 x 400m (faster than 5k pace) with 20 seconds rest between runs.  I made it through 4 before I needed extra rest.  After 5, everything hurt!  I decided that was good for the 400s but thought I needed to add something else since that workout was too short (a little over 2 miles of running with my warmup).  Tuesdays are normally speed and hills.  I had done the speed, so I added some hills.  I ran 5 x ~30 second hill sprints to add another layer to the pain and lactic acid in my muscles.  I can happily say my last trip up the hill was the fastest and it felt great, but it was a challenge.

Here’s how it broke down:


  1. 1:37
  2. 1:36
  3. 1:38
  4. 1:39
  5. 1:33

Hills (same distance each time)

  1. 34 seconds – 6:45 pace
  2. 32 seconds – 6:28 pace
  3. 29 seconds – 5:44 pace
  4. 28 seconds – 5:28 pace
  5. 27 seconds – 5:20 pace

I had some great music today during my runs capped off by this amazing song.  If this doesn’t make you want to run fast, I don’t know what will!  I also listened to a little Nelly (Grillz) & some Queen today.  It was a good day.

Recovery is a state of mind

Sometimes I need a recovery run more for my mental state than for my legs.  Today was one of those days.  I’ve been struggling with my runs lately.  My pace isn’t where I’d like it to be, and it hasn’t been feeling easy. None of it has been awful, just pretty mediocre.  I’d accept slower times if it felt good, but even that hasn’t been the case.  I have been doubting whether or not I should keep running right now or just focus in the weight room.  I really needed a win.

Here are my last 4 workouts:

Tuesday – Hills 4.06 miles (average pace 8:55,  but it felt like I was running through molasses – way too much effort for how slow it was overall)

Thursday – Treadmill Tempo Run 6.18 miles (average pace 8:54, I felt okay about this but wish I had spend more time at faster speeds, also when I do these on the ‘mill, I tend to start at a much slower pace than I would outdoors)

Saturday – 10 miles (average pace 9:15 – I was hoping for 8:30 – 8:45, neither good, nor bad)

Today – 5 miles, 39:52 (back under 8 minutes, finally!!!!)

I am hoping that the mental high that I am feeling right now will stay with me.  That pace still isn’t quite back where I’d like it, but I feel like I am headed in the right direction.  This one was much more important for my mind than my legs, that’s for sure!  I couldn’t have asked for a prettier day to run it either.  I had a beautiful trail and a nice shower while I was running around a park here.  It was a perfect afternoon for a run.



Where did my muscles go?

Well, I’ve been back at the weight room for a week and a half, and now that the crazy and often painful soreness has subsided, I have just one question:  WHERE DID MY MUSCLES GO?  It looks like they are still there (mostly), but wow, was I wrong.  My first clue came when I chose what I thought would be a good warm up weight for squats.  That weight became my weight for all of the sets.  Oh well.  I’ll get it back.

It’s been fun to be back in the gym – there are so many interesting people to see.  For example, yesterday I saw a guy who I am pretty sure thought he was auditioning for the part of Bane.  Apparently he missed the part where “The Dark Knight Rises” came out two years ago.  Either that or the threat level has gone up significantly.  If that’s the case, someone clue me in.  I’ll wear a mask too.  How can this be a comfortable way to work out?


I have run in to two small problems (if you can really call them that) at the gym so far:

  1. There is a donut shop in the same shopping center as my gym.  It opens before I finish my morning workouts.  My ability to resist temptation will be tested.
  2. I took a spin class last week.  It was easy.  I guess training for a marathon can do that.  It’s all relative.  This week I’ll ramp up the resistance to see if there is any way to get my heart-rate up.  I want to feel the burn!

My running has been so-so.  My legs are still feeling heavy, but I’ve not given them any real break.  My speed isn’t miraculously coming back like I had hoped it might, but I’ll keep working at it.  I have struggled with some of my half-marathon pace miles and speed workouts.  I have 4 1/2 weeks.  Will it be enough?


I do feel I have been quite successful with my nutrition.  I’ve been within my allotted calorie range every day and have hit my macros each day (except my cheat meal day but that was expected).  I went 8 days before my first cheat meal (pizza and a “white wedding” cupcake – cue Billy Idol).  I am thinking that I will be a bit more conservative next time – my stomach did not appreciate all the junk food.  Consistency will be the key!

Happy trails, sidewalk, tracks or treadmills!  It’ll be hills for me tonight, followed by push ups, a TRX pull up workout and abs.


22 Miles of feeling good (a week late)


I had a great 22 mile run last weekend!  After a discouraging attempt at the distance the week before, I was determined to get it done.

I managed to ride myself of any lingering illness prior to this attempt (a fever is what halted the last go-round at this mileage).  The weather was pretty great compared to many recent Saturday mornings, so I actually got to start running in the 60’s versus the 70’s or 80’s.  That was truly a blessing.

I can happily report that the entire run felt like an easy effort.  I didn’t allow myself to increase my pace until nearly the final 3 miles, so overall, it was fairly slow.  The late miles were easy and I was able to incorporate a lot of good climbs into this run.

Additionally, I didn’t have much soreness from this run.  After my 20 mile run my legs ached for days.  This time, I stayed much more active and didn’t take a rest day following the long run.  Success!

I (finally) feel ready for my marathon in 2 weekends.  Tomorrow I’ll have a 2 hour run and the following weekend a 70 minute run for my final two “long” runs.

Fingers crossed that we get some of this great weather on race day.  I have a feeling that tomorrow morning might feel a little chilly at 53 degrees.  I can’t wait!