Treadmill Success

Running repeats at 9.0 on my treadmill wasn’t quite as scary as I expected it to be.  I made it through my whole session successfully (and without belt burn).

  1. 1 mile warm-up
  2. 1/2 mile @ 6:40 pace
  3. 1/4 mile recovery jog
  4. 1/2 mile @ 6:40 pace
  5. 1/4 mile recovery jog
  6. 1/2 mile @ 6:40 pace
  7. 1/4 mile recovery jog
  8. 1/2 mile @ 6:40 pace
  9. 1/4 mile recovery jog
  10. 1 mile cool-down that wasn’t a cool-down because I wanted my overall pace to be a bit faster

5 miles total, 8:39 average pace, repeat pace and number of reps courtesy of Lee.  Next up, I have a progressive run (treadmill) and then this weekend, mile repeats (~7:00/mile pace if my legs don’t fall off, go numb or otherwise fail me).

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the weather on race day will be better than it is today.  It’s a little chilly.

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